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Publications & Research in Progress

GitLab: work where you want, when you want” (2020) (with Prithwiraj Choudhury, Kevin Crowston, Linus Dahlander & Sumita Raghuram) – Journal of Organization Design 9, 23

“Does Social Interaction Hurt Search by Groups? Evidence from Kaggle” (with Tianyu He and Phanish Puranam) – Job Market Paper

  • Winner of Best Proposal Prize, Behavioral Strategy IG – SMS Annual Meeting, 2021

  • Nominated for SMS Annual Conference Research Methods Paper Prize – SMS Annual Meeting, 2021

“Groups Differ From Individuals in Learning from Experience in Task Environments with Noisy Feedback” (with Tianyu He and Phanish Puranam)
Revise & Resubmit at Organization Science

“Communication Transparency of Virtual Teams and Team Creative Processes” (with Tianyu He, Phanish Puranam and Jayanth Narayanan)
Extending Data Collection, working paper available upon request


“How Does the Remote Working Shock Affect Authority in Organizations?” (with Srikant Kannan and Phanish Puranam)
Writing stage, in preparation for Academy of Management Review


“The Remote Shock Impact on Organizational Structures: Evidence from Job Postings” (with Arianna Marchetti and Victoria Sevcenko)

Data Analysis Stage

“Understanding the Remote Collaboration Shock Through Digital Traces”

Data Collection Stage

“Microfounding the Data Pooling Problem: A Club Theoretical Perspective”

Expanding model development

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